The Finest Defense in the North

The chili didn’t work so hot last week, so this week I made tacos. I’ve always been a big fan of tacos, and they take less effort to make than a big batch of chili. The game-day menu change was enjoyed by myself, and evidently, by the Football Gods as well. Let me tell you dear readers, if the Packers defense plays that well every time I make my famous tacos, I’ll be eating plenty of them throughout the remainder of the season. I’ll probably eat so many of them that I’ll turn into a taco. And this delicious thought gives me an idea for a Halloween costume. I don’t know how you’d make a taco costume scary, but maybe if I made a hybrid Atari Bigby Soft Shelled Monster, that would work. It sure would give the neighborhood kids a scare. Something that strange would probably frighten most NFL Offensive Units, as well. Ha!
The Washington crew sure looked stunned in the second half last weekend. After moving the ball well and scoring twice in the first, Mr. Sanders and the secondary tightened the screws, turning in one of the most impressive halves I’ve seen in Green Bay in some time. The Redskins only managed 96 yards of total offense in the final 30 minutes of play, going 0-7 on third down conversions. The biggest play of the day featured Charles Woodsen returning a fumble 57 yards for the go ahead score after another Washington miscue.
While the Packers defense has been considered a top-notch unit since the end of last season, this victory has convinced me that they are now the best in the NFC North. They could make a pretty strong case for best in the NFC, as well. That’s the good news. The bad news is that the Packers pass-happy offense is sputtering and making too many miscues of their own. Favre may have set the record for interceptions, Sunday, but he could have tallied several more. I guess it was a good thing it was raining slick-drops all after-noon. And once again, the penalties were a problem (as were the officials calling them).
But hey, we won, which brings us to the bye week.
Thanks in large part to the defense and in small part to a resurgent Number Four, The Packers have reached their off week with a surprising 5 and 1 record, with a sizable lead in the division. While I am always ready to predict a Packers victory, I’m guessing many of you readers would have called me a rascallious lunatic had I made that prediction on September First. But that’s how the NFL works, folks: Slumpin’ in the cellar one week and soaring with the Raptors above a rolling field the next.
As is the custom here at Union Headquarters, I’ll be taking the bye week off to tidy up around the house and probably – if I’m a lucky fellow – hitting up some muskie waters with my angling buddies, Charlie Chinwhiskers and Ike Walter and The Warden. I just picked up a few dyna-mite lures for the fall bite so I’m liking my chances. Ha-cha-cha!
Anyways, I’ll be back writing following the Denver game in Week 8. Playing up in the Mile High City is never an easy task, but the Broncos aren’t what they used to be, especially with their top rusher on the verge of a suspension due to his being a dope-fiend. Honestly. Hopefully Coach McCarthy can get our running game figured out during the break, as that would further help our boys on the defensive side of the ball quite a bit. Up there at altitude, staying off the field and getting ample rest is the name of the game. I should know – I once found myself on top of Pike’s Peak when it was snowing in August and I nearly keeled over do to a wacky case of the dizzies. Anyhoo, I like the Packers to extend their lead with a solid, dizzy-free effort. Mark it, folks: Packers 24, Broncos 10.
Until week 8, then.