A season ends; the question remains

I’ll be shocked if Brett retires. This, from the columnist who once claimed that our playoff hopes had been dashed in week 12, who once declared that George Koonce was going to the Pro-Bowl. I’m happy to admit when I’m wrong. I do that every day. Just ask the wife.
But I’m not wrong about this ... I hope. It didn’t look good, however, immediately following the game, Sunday night, with the great Mississippian in tears beneath the bright, bright lights. If there’s any consolation to the heavy weight of Favre’s yearly retirement limbo, it’s the likeliness that Number Four will be making his decision “in the next few weeks.”
Of course, a major factor in his choice will be familial. But let’s look at the other prominent fixins: Mainly, a team on the rise, heading in the right direction, with spending money in pocket.
Although I won’t be writing weekly columns between now and September, these will all be discussions for my occasional ‘off-season’ dispatches.
Until then, we’ll be wearing our lucky hats and mixing returnish potions at Union headquarters, in hopes of retaining The Old Champion for one more season.
Now back to the ‘06 finale.
While the lead story nationwide will be the aforementioned question-marker, I’d like to write for a spell on Coach Sander’s defense, which up until one unfortunate breakdown, had been turning in dominating, A-1 work since their trip to Saint Francisco. Ask ten folks in this great nation who has a dominating defense, and nine of those poor turkeys will align with the Bears. Call me crazy, dear readers, but I just don’t see it. I, like Mr. Favre and the rest of those watching Sunday, saw holes and weaknesses, much like any other team - especially one playing “for nothing.’ My point being: They are not the scary force many make them out to be. And as for offense, I would take almost anybody over Wrecks Grossman as my starting QB. Anyways, don’t be shocked when Seattle comes to town two weeks from now and buries this team.
All of this is not to say that the Green and Gold are superior. It was just nice to see an over-all solid showing against our rivalrous opponent after the sad events of week one. Some might call it our best game of the year. Such a shame, in the same breath, that we did not beat the Bills or the Ram-horns.
Top-notchery awards go to the young talent Mr. Collins, and the rest of the defensive unit, for yet another granite performance.
So too for Mr. Favre and Mr. Green and Mr. Driver. Let us hope that the offensive line can stick together, and let us hope the front office can bring on some sort of long-boned, lickity-split deep threat during the off-season.
Well, folks, it’s quite a thing to watch another season conclude. I’ve sure enjoyed writing this column and I hope you’ve found some pleasure in reading upon the ol’ Meat-Packers Union each week. We’ll meet up again from time to time as the occasions demand, I’m sure, but in the meantime, I’m going to find myself a cozy quilt and a nice pair of slippers and a few winks of bliss-ful nap-time near a sunny window, dreaming swell thoughts.Take care and stay warm, dear readers. Until next season, then.