Clean play leads to fifth win

Wouldn’t it be something out-of-this galaxy for The Packers to pull off a .500 season? I know, I’ve been setting un-realistic bench-marks for the team since day one, but through the years, I’ve seen stranger things happen. Realism tells us that home victories - although rare this year - should be attainable against the likes of the Viqueens and the Detroit Kittens. And like last year against the Sea-Hawks, we will probably be facing the Bear’s backups in week 17, as they rest up for the ... well, you know. Thing is, we’d probably be better off playing against Rascal Grossman. Anyways, stranger things have happened, and I’d be happy as a pike in a pool of perch if we could reach 8 and 8 by season’s end.
The difference-maker reared it’s obvious head again this week in Saint Fransisco, which is, for a young team - Turnovers! Let’s face it, this team can’t overcome them, and they can’t barely win without some coming the other way. Heck, the Sea-Hawks tried to give us a win, and even that wasn’t enough. Yep, with talent like this team, the turnover margin is the ignition button. Plain and simple. Blast-off.
Either way, it was nice to see Brett and Donny and the team whirring and winning again - seems like such a long time ago since the last one. Let’s hope we can keep this effort up with three weeks to go, or at the very least, avoid any further embarrassments, for cryin’ out loud.
Anyways, I’ll try to stick to the foot-ball this week, but I just have to mention that ice fishing season recently began with a bang for this seasoned columnist. Spent a good part of the weekend shimmy-in’ around on some slippery stuff, which is now being rained upon and reduced to honey-combed slush. Oh, well. They’ll be plenty of cold days ahead.
Good luck to all my fellow frozen-water walkers out there. And be safe.
Well, it’s the time of year when you got to start thinking playoffs in the NFL, even if your favorite team isn’t particularily poised to make that leap. Compiled below are the Late-Season F.G. Union Power Rankings along with a short synopsis of their “stuff.”
1 - Chargers (Keep trucking, LT). 2 - Saints (Impressive, all around, especially Brees). 3 - Indianapolis (Best QB in the league [sorry, Brett]). 4 - Ravens (Solid D effort, kids). 5 - Tie amongst the Patriots and Sea-Hawks (Well-coached society).
I might not be a mystic like my neighbor with the llamas, but I’d be willing to wager a few pots of chili that one of the six teams above will win the Super Bowl this year. Too bad I’m not a betting man.
Anyways, let’s look forward to the game next week at Lambeau, and throw a challenge out to Coach McCarthy:
Coach, get the team ready and end this silly losing business at home. Seriously. The Lions ... err, the Kittens ... are about as lousy as they get, and the loyal fans deserve something to cheer about, other than the attendance trivia challenge and their tail-gate feed platter.
I suspect Coach McCarthy will hang this challenge on the locker room bulletin board, and so I can now confidentally predict a Packers win: Detroit - 13, Green Bay - 27.Until next week, then.