The Roughed Grouse is a beautiful and dumb bird

[October 13, 1929]

The Roughed Grouse is a beautiful and dumb bird. I was walking down the trail the other day and I saw one eating gravel in the sun-light. Peck peck. Then it saw me and stood still. Ha ha!, but I already saw you there, woods chicken! I took five more steps and blew its head off with my shot-gun.

Good-night, sweet prince.

There is still plenty of season left in the National Football League, but at City Stadium Sunday it was chilly, and it was clear who was the hunter and who was the hunted. The Yellow-Jackets scampered back home to Frankford to chew on some pebbles while the Packers feasted on a fourth win and sole possession of first place.

Eddie Kotal looked ever so keen on the green sod today, and I asked him how he likes his Roughed Grouse prepared at the dinner-table.

"Well every-one knows it is fine, very fine, if you should brine a forest-bird in salted baths for 12-24 hours before roasting," said Kotal. "You can roast it with potatoes and a medley of vegetables. And I surely enjoy this. This is what we all would like. But sometimes you are afield and have a mighty hunger, and then, there is nothing better than searing the bird in a cast-iron skillet with a few pounds of butter."

He licked his lips.

Game notes from the press box:

Welcome to week four of the 1929 NFL season. Here at City Stadium, there are grey skies and the leaves have dropped into the wind.

The Packers and Yellow-Jackets are tied for first place with three wins apiece.

Green Bay wins the toss and defers. Yellow-Jackets run the ball for -3, -9 and -3 yards, punt. Defense looks hungry.

First play from scrimmage, Verne Lewellen heaves a monstrous forward pass to Eddie Kotal on a wheel route and the speedy back gallops to the root-cellar for a 46-yard touch-down.

Packers lead 7-0.

Frankford does not look impressive so far, but kick-returner Two Bits Homan has looked electric so far on special teams. Kid has serious juice. 144 pounds of squirms and twists.

Second quarter very calm, until Jug Earp whips a punt-snap into the fifteenth row of City Stadium for a safety. Easy feller. Packers still lead 7-2.

There is a chipmunk on the field. I repeat. There is a chipmunk on the field.

Other than the chipmunk, nothing happened in the third quarter. Packers defense has held Frankford to -48 yards offense so far.

Packers rolling on offense to start this drive. Cal Hubbard blocked seven men on that last running play. First and goal.

Touch-down Packers! Cal Hubbard hug-blocked two men like a champion and Lewellen plows into the scoring zone with a nice trot.

Frankford rolls over and wags its tail. Packers dominate start to finish and roll to an easy 14-2 victory here at City Stadium. The crowd is doing the wave and banging on the drum.

After beating the Yellow-Jackets and improving their record to 4-0-0, the Green Bay Packers are alone in first place in the National Football League.

That damned chipmunk is back!

Packers Book Club quote of the week: 

"Now in the fall the trees were all bare and the roads were muddy."
-Farewell to Arms