The 28 men who will bring Green Bay a championship

Coach Curley Lambeau wrapped up the 1929 Packers training camp yesterday and cut his roster down to the final 28 players this morning. That list included Lambeau, with ten years of NFL experience, the most of any player on the current roster. Lambeau said it was his strongest team yet. "We've never had this much talent on the field," said Lambeau, "so I'll mostly stick to coaching this season."

There were only seven deaths in this year's training camp and Lambeau asked fans to honor their memory. Lambeau attributed the improved camp survival rate to new league safety protocols like canvas skull padding and a new anti-mauling penalty.

There are 11 veterans listed on this season's active roster along with 8 second-year Packers and nine first-year players. Almost all of the players are gargantuans, measuring over six feet in height and 200 pounds of bones and muscles.

Introducing your 1929 Green Bay Packers:
[*indicates probable starting/full-time roll]

Roger Ashmore - Tackle, 6'1" 212
Bullet Baker - Back, 6' 177

James Bowdoin - Guard, 6'2" 220 *
"Intimidates opponents with a chilling, intense gaze. Special teams ace."

Tiny Cahoon - Tackle, 6'2" 235

Boob Darling - Center, 6'3" 215 *
"Started team tradition of snacking on a large pale of live smelt after changes of possession, motor always in high gear."

Lavvie Dilweg - End, 6'3" 202 *
"Runs the entire passing-game route-tree fluidly (go, curl, cross, triple-jump)."

Red Dunn - Back/Forward Passer, 6' 178 *
"Can throw the football almost thirty yards in the air. Simply amazing arm strength. Excellent mobility for a man of his immense size."

Jug Earp - Tackle, 6'1" 235*
"Teammates and opponents alike all agree, he's the berries. Helluva guy."

Jack Evans - Back, 6' 195
Don Hill - Back, 5'11" 190

Cal Hubbard - Tackle/End 6'5" 250 *
"Quick as a cat, can bench-press an entire train-car of potatoes. An amazingly rare combination of talents. Leads the NFL in opponents mauled to death since joining the league in 1927 (14)."

William Kern - Tackle 6' 187

Eddie Kotal - Back, 5'10" 165 *
"Change of pace scat-back, excellent burst, shifty. Electric in the open field. Coach Lambeau would do well to scheme him into open space. Movable chess-piece."

Curley Lambeau - Coach/Back, 6' 190
"Veteran player, team founder, excellent coach. Mind like a steel trap."

Verne Lewellen - Back, 6'2" 181 *
"Rare talent, three-down back, shut-down corner, handsome fellow, modernist thinker and collector of abstract paintings. Thrice-elected District Attorney of Brown County."

Cully Lidberg - Back 6' 200

Hurdis McCrary - Back, 6'2" 205 *
"Lambeau recruited this exciting first-year prospect after spotting him in a travelling circus besting motor-cars in sprint-racing. A ghastly combination of power and speed."

Johnny McNally - Back, 6' 190 *
"Prefers clear liquors on game-day for a little extra giddy-up."

Mike Michalske - Guard, 6'1" 215 *
"Like a sturdy pine tree at the center of the formation, with quiet strength flowing through his roots unto the entire squad."

Paul Minick - Guard 5'11" 210

Bo Molenda - Back, 5'11" 208 *
"Specializes in full-back dives. Whenever he scores, every-one polkas."

Tom Nash - End, 5'10" 196 *
"Possesses a keen understanding of the game within the game. Plans on starting a motor-car dealer-ship after retiring from the league. Enjoys investing his pay in the bullet-proof American stock market."     

Dick O'Donnell - End, 5'10" 196 *
 "Wrestles white-tailed deer as a side-business in the off-season. This sixth-year player dominated 1-on-1 live tackling drills in camp and serves as primary back-up for several offensive and defensive positions should a grotesque injury or death occur."

Claude Perry - Tackle, 6'1" 211 *
"A gentle-man, and a scholar.  Massive hulking frame perfect for the tackle position, plays with excellent leverage. President of the Packers Book Club (current title: A Farewell To Arms)."

Red Smith - Back, 5'10" 225
Whitey Woodin - Guard, 5'11" 206
Bill Young - Guard, 6'1" 200
Dave Zuidmulder - Back 6'1" 184