Bears fall in Green Bay like so many leaves

Every-where you walked this weekend, the ground was covered in yellowed leaves. Autumn arrived over-night here in the north-country, the air cool and wet now. Autumn brings clarity as the leaves fall away, and now you can see much farther in the forest. 

Outside the stadium Packers fans replaced the leaves in the tall trees. With the hated Bears in town there were not enough seats in the stands, scalpers were fetching upwards of $12 per ticket, and so fans took to the trees. They were a strange and beautiful foliage, looking in over the tops of the stadium walls.

The Green Bay Packers local pro eleven administered a decisive gridiron lesson today, here before a record City Stadium crowd of 13,360, humiliating the rival Chicago Bears 23-0. Through two weeks of the regular season, the Packers defense has not given up a single point.

Game notes from the press-box:

Bears receive the opening kick and are marching down the field on powerful runs by Red Grange and Paddy Driscoll.

Bo Molenda thwarts the attack with a fantastic interception at the goal line.

Packers open this drive in Mastodon formation (9 linemen, two backs).

First down Packers. Kotal gets up-field in a hurry for an electrifying 17-yard run. Broke two tackles and gave one defender a mild seizure with his dizzying spin-move.

TOUCHDOWN PACKERS! Hurdis McCrary dissects the Bears defense from the inside-out on a crafty 14-yard scamper. 7-0 Packers. Bears have no answer for power run game.

End Lavvie Dilweg creased the Bears defensive line on that touchdown. One poor fool is still laying on the 22 yard line, quivering miserably. He has requested a woolen blanket.

Another three-and-out for the Bears, the Packers have excellent field position and the Bears defense is already gassed. This could get out of hand quickly.

TOUCHDOWN PACKERS! Gigantour Tom Nash pulls in a Blood McNally pass for an easy 15-yard score. 14-0 Packers. Defenders did not account for the forward pass on that play. At all.

Pinned deep, Bears surrender a SAFETY. 16-0 Packers. Claude Perry menaced the quarter-back so badly he fled the stadium, took the ball with him. Search and rescue teams have been notified.

TOUCHDOWN PACKERS! Bo Molenda trucks two defenders over the goal line, completing a gallant 10-yard scoring run. 23-0 Packers.

Molenda should earn a game-ball this afternoon. An interception in the first and a fine scoring run in the third so far. Also, nice moustache.

After a promising opening drive, Red Grange has been held in check by this Packers defensive front. Nowhere to run, offensive line getting pushed backwards consistently.

There's the final whistle, Packers improve to 2-0, embarrassing the rival Bears 23-0. The Packers end-zone has not yet been achieved. Huzzah.

Packers Book Club quote of the week:

"In September the first cool nights came, then the days were cool and the leaves on the trees in the park began to turn color and we knew the summer was gone." - Farewell to Arms