Super Bowl XLV Snow Sculpture

Super Bowl Sunday is finally here, dear readers!!! First of all, raise your PBRs! CHEERS!

I've been thinking about this snow-sculpture ever since we got dumped on early in the week, so this morning after a few flurries passed through, I went out with the shovel and a large spoon and started carving. I think it turned out pretty good for my first sculpture. Snow wasn't as even and smooth as I would have preferred, but you'll get that when you're working with 'end of drive-way' lump-mix. I've seen several pictures of really good Packers-centric snow sculptures this week, most of them better than mine, but I'm really glad I went for it. Makes me feel like a good neighbor!

With that project in the books it's back to the kitchen, folks. The wings are in the oven. I repeat. The wings are in the oven! I'm not nervous like I thought today. I just feel perfect.

Du-DA-da... Du-da-DA: GO PACK GO!

Enjoy the game, you knuckle-heads,
Until next time,