Super-Bowl Willies, then Title Belt

I mentioned yesterday how I fought through and awe-ful sick-ness on Tuesday to attend the Return to Titletown celebration at Lambeau Field. I thought at the time that it was a flu-bug, but additional information has come to light and I now believe I was one of many who were "suffering" through some sort of Super-Bowl Willies. Probably a better word for the phenomenon is 're-calibration.'

I did a little research and of the 13 people we watched the Super-Bowl with, at least 10 have since fallen prey to the strange ill-ness, that very much resembles the flu. How did I arrive at the conclusion that our Super-Bowl victory induced an over-excitement-based queasy-ness?

Well it could not have been food poisoning. We had a strict die-hard Packers fans only policy in place, so no secret Vikings or Bears agents could have spoiled the dip or the wings. Plus, I think under-cooked meatballs would have probably taken down all 13 of us.

All day Tuesday I thought it was the flu. By that point several of our friends had developed the pukesies, and I was feeling really sore and flu-like, so that seemed the most obvious culprit, but since then more have fallen ill and I would think a flu bug would strike on an evener time-line. But then again, I'm no doctor.

My biggest proof for the case of the Super-Bowl Willies is that I never get sick, and neither does Mooney, and we were both sent to bed by some-thing power-ful this week. I looked around for other candidates and there the Super Bowl XLV Victory stood. It was grinning mischievously. Aha!

Notice I have not called this ill-ness wicked, even though it sure felt that way. But the more I think about it the more I think this troubled gut and mind syndrome is a self-induced way for the body to deal with the over-load of excitement generated by a Packers championship. It's like how fish get filled up with mercury over the years, only this was a "good toxin" that built up in our systems during the course of one single earth-year.

In other words: All this success, winning, and triumph in such a short amount of time was dangerous. My theory is that all the wonder-ful-ness of the Championship run had to be released from the body after the mind realized the completion of our unified goal: The Packers 13th NFL Title. This realization happened at different times for all of us. For me, the Super Bowl victory 'hit me' on Tuesday morning as I prepared for our trip to Lambeau. For my buddy Fritz, it was on the ride home on the side of the  high-way. For my wife Mooney, it wasn't until Wednesday morning.

Now I know some of yous are thinking: FG, yous were all just zozzled! Yous were bent up from celebrating! Yous were half seas over! Yous were on a toot! Well sure, I had a few PBRs over the last week, but I'm old enough to know when I'm simply hunged-over and I don't go there often. So I'll have to shoot that down as the trigger, even though it may have been a contributing factor in our Packers-related celebrations. So was yelling my head off and I don't blame my sore throat on my troubled guts!

Any-how, did any of yous experience this phenomenon? Now that my body is cleansed and re-calibrated I feel better than ever and even more devoted to the Green and Gold. Hell, I felt so good this morning that I spiked my bottle of pepto bismo and put on my Title Belt, just like #12 suggested we all do on Tuesday. Hell, I encourage all of you, as Rodgers did, to "use the belt in every-day life" for the next year. So long as the Lombardi Trophy is home safe, there are going to be lots of champions all across Packers country.

Defeat sickness: Title Belt.
Catch a pike: Title Belt.
Take out the garbage: Title Belt.
Shovel the walk: Title Belt.
Finish a blog post: Upper-cut, Title Belt!

Until next time, then,
FG (Title Belt!)