Blizzards and other omens

The frightened doctors loosed me from my time dungeon in order to help shovel the walk, and I've escaped at last. I went home straight away and set about writing, for Superbowl XLV approaches like the howling winds of this wretched, beautiful storm...

Why is it frigid, and sleeting like an iced-up skull-buster in Wisconsin and Texas all the same, dear readers? You know the answer. Blizzards get blizzards. Sure as the Fox River is sittin' pretty we're gonna bring that Lombardi trophy home. Count on it. The omens are favorable.

Then again, I'm sure it's snowed in Pittsburgh before... but like this? Let's dig deeper.

There's a Lombardi play on Broadway, and a Lombardi documentary on the premium cable. Tell me this isn't the year of the Pack... I dare you. Why did I develop that 'Packer's G'-shaped scar on my biceps? Blizzards get blizzards. When it's right it's right.

We played our greatest rivals in the NFC Championship, on the road, the first time since '41 in the play-offs, and beat 'em square to swell and back to hell. You know this is the time for America's Team, dear readers. Just look at all these injuries, and we fought through it, these massive drifts that tried to pile on us and bury us, and now we're the team that's looking pretty healthy going down to Texas. There's a pep in the step.

And Old-What's-His-Name finally shuffles off, and Donald Driver says, "I've played for two great quarter-backs, but only one took me to the Super Bowl." Maybe the national media will finally turn the page like we all did a long time ago. Want some crazy stats? McCarthy and Thompson's experience now lines up almost perfectly with Holmgren and Wolf's when the team won it all in '97. It's pretty spooky.

Jumping Jack-alope that wind's just going bazookas!

No cheer-leaders, just foot-ball. This is gonna be a treat to beat: Two factory-themed teams with great history, doing it the right way, slugging it out in the rich kid's amuse-ment park with good defense and big play potential. Fast. Punishing. This will be the start of some-thing great for the Green and Gold, you know that's the truth.

Yep, there's a behemoth of a blizzard bearing down on the whole country, and it is good. We Packers fans travel well and we bring the elements with us.

How can I escape all these stories that have already been told? I can't listen to all the mumblin' an' yakkity-yak any-more. Ooh this is such a controversy and lookey-here... Please. Please, already. It's all really simple and we'll get to that. But how are you feeling? I am walking with purpose, or maybe like a giant reptile - who can tell? I feel so good it's scary, Gramps used to say that, and they didn't have the inter-net or NFL foot-ball. I know what he was talking about, though, in my own way and time, and the feeling don't come often. Appreciate this. Give gifts. Smile at strangers. Do some-thing weird if you want. This is Super-Bowl week, for cryin' out loud, and it can't get any better, unless your stuck in an air-port or a pit of snakes.

Say it with me, dear readers: Radiate Packers Enthusiasm!

The wind is doing about 50 miles-per, good-ness grief, I oughtta go grab the shovel and build a big heapin' pile of snow... I feel like sculpting!

Much more to come before Sunday, dear readers, stay tuned,
Until next time,