The Freewheelin' F. Gordon: Wildcard victory

Here are my truncated game notes from Sunday night:

- Can't afford an early mistake, and there you go, special teams. Inexcusable to touch that football, Underwood, even if you were blocked into it. Luckily it didn't cost us points.
- Touch-down Crabtree and the nerves are relaxed a bit. Whews.
- Don't like this anti-blitzing coverage, but if it keeps Vick in the pocket, I'm fine with it.
- Classic. James. Jones. Gets a touch-down and then drops another one that would have put the game away before the half... Rodger's reaction was tame compared to mine.
- This weekend's hot-wings are damned good. The Packers record when I make this recipe is immaculate. That's a win-win. Other menu items include "Grandma's Chicken Noodle Soup" hot-wing dip, spicy scallops n pasta and PBR.
- After a terrible fumble deep in our territory, Vick strikes quickly to make it a game again... Damn. Between that fumble, the botched punt 'return' and the dropped touch-down, we're really lettin' them hang around, and I don't like it.
- But why worry? Rodgers caps one of the best 'answer drives' of his career with a screen to Jackson. Lead back to double-digits. Seeing stars... Breath... Breath... OK.
- Desmond Bishop's touch-down saving, shoe-string tackle of Jackson on the final drive might be the play of the year. Clearly the play of the game.
- And that's a great play by Williams to seal it. The defense just keeps rolling.
- Back to the Divisional Round, back to Atlanta.
- Woooooo!
- Glad I won't need to hear about Rodgers never winning a play-off game any-more.
- You know who hasn't won a play-off game yet? Matt Ryan.
- We may beat four different bird species on our way to a Super-bowl victory, but so what? Enough with the 'eating bird' jokes. That's just anti-clever. 
- Caught one medium pike on Sunday morning, which was a great omen, but my buddy also lost a monster at the hole, which we dubbed 'CM-P' (Clay Matthews Pike). It was insanely ferocious and it probably has a flowing mane of broken leaders.

That's all I got, folks. Check back all week for special play-off coverage,