The Freewheelin' F. Gordon: So close, yet so far

Here are my game-notes from the pain-ful loss in New England:

- Following his pre-game interview, Clay Matthews galloped down the side-line like a unicorn. Nice form!
- Alvin and Ruth Flynn are in the house. Hello! Did you raise your son to conquer impossible situations?
- Deferring again... in order to set up the on-side kick?!? Holy smokes. That sets a tone.
- And it turns into a FG. Good start. Good start. I'll take it.
- Along with a ham, the game spread includes cheesy potatoes, cayenne shrimp pasta, a large cookie-cake, and of course, ice-cold PBR.
- Ah that's a kick to the privates. In a game like this, we needed that sure interception, Chuck.
- And yep, it turns into a touch-down almost right away. Blasted!
- Watching that line-man rumble down the side-line to set up another Patriots score, it makes me wonder why a team hasn't tried signing a giant. I'm not talking a big guy... Like a certified giant of freakish proportions. Someone that honestly took four or five guys to slow down, maybe ten or 11 guys to tackle. We gotta go looking for a giant in the off-season. Even if it didn't work it would be hilarious.
- Alright, Jennings finally gets a target and it's for a touch-down! Game. On. And I also just secured my place in our fantasy football championship next week! Whoo!
- Although James Jones made a great catch for our first touch-down, he failed to go up and get another deep throw, and then he stops on his route, leading to a pick-six. I'll say it again: He's just not a clutch play-maker. He'll always let us down, under-whelm.
- That was a terrible point-swing on the pick-six, but what a response drive. If we don't win with this kind of time-of-possession advantage, I just don't know how we could win today.
- BJ Raji loves to eat that mac n cheese!!!! That's why you blitz Brady. Gotta get to him or he'll get to you. Raji is quietly having a dynamic season. What a motor!
- Kuhn is just stampeding over the defense. He's a favorite in the Union house-hold. He's also following the proud GB FB tradition of 'excellence in leaping'.
- Final drive ends with a frustrating waste of time, all of us screaming: Snap the ball!!! McCarthy gets lots of flack for losing so many close games. Sometimes I think, hey, we're in almost every game and you can't win them all, but the pattern is disturbing. So close, yet so far.
- Flynn was impressive (way to go Alvin and Ruth!), as was the defense, but we still control our destiny even with the loss. The playoffs start next Sunday and if we play like this the next two weeks at home, we should win both games.

That's all I got, folks,