The Freewheelin' F. Gordon - SHIT!!!

Here's my game-notes, folks:
- Shit! You don't see Jennings drop many easy ones like that, let alone set up an interception.
- If you missed everything in the first half up until the two-minute warning, as they reportedly did in the Madison market, due to a power outage, you didn't miss any-thing.
- Rodgers can't put him-self at risk like that. And... he's concussed. Shit.
- Shit shit shit.
- SHIT!!!!!
- Even without Rodgers in there, we ought to spank the Lions... But they are whupping us. Every-where.
- The defense kept us in it, but in the end they caved. Third stringer beats second stringer.
- Shit.
- Deep breath. Next three are now must wins. And they can, IF we get Rodgers back.
- But, this just isn't our year, is it?

That's all, folks,