The Freewheelin' F. Gordon - Hotlanta

Hey folks ya feelin' blue? Me too. I've been meaning to start up a 'reaction' column for a while now, basically a recollection of the game's note-worthy aspects, bullet-point format, et cetera, and for some reason losing another close one made the type-writer call my name this evening, so I guess it's time to get on with it. The other reason I'm starting it up tonight is because I finally figured out a name for the new 'feature' - The Freewheelin' F. Gordon, obviously named for the finest Bob Dylan album ever, which I listened to on my drive home from deer camp on the hi-fi tape deck. Alright, gitty-up!

 - I bet that Atlanta defensive coordinator, Brian Van Gorder, is a real creep. I have no idea how we got held to 17 points by this moustachioed weirdo. Yet another example of our offense not putting up enough points early in the game, though. Opportunity. Wasted.
 - The passing game was working pretty damned well all day, but I think the lack of a running game in a regular season game of this importance does concern me. And that was a key difference out there today. Our defense couldn't stop the run. Just imagine if Rodgers had that kind of run game.

- At least a few times during most games I scream at AJ Hawk through the television set. Today was no different. The kid just gets run over or is out of place on too many plays. 

- First time this year the Packers loss when I made hot wings. Was a really good batch, too. What the hay?

- Love hearing the 'Go Pack Go' chant on the road. Awesome!

- What can you say about the special teams? Smells like a butt. 

- Atlanta's pretty decent, but I still think pretty highly of our guys. I think we'll still make the play-offs, but we might end up having to go back down south. Lot's of room for improvement, and we only lost by 3 this time. I'm feeling blue, but we're OK. 

- Like that Quarless has "God's" and "Gifts" tattooed on his arms, but I still think he's got questionable hands. 

- Andre Johnson apologized for whuppin' the snot out of that punk Cortland Finnegan. "I apologize ... for being so awe-some."

- The Bears should be embarrassed about that 'playing field'. What a joke. 

Alright, good-night,