Creepy Ted was right (Or, Wahoo!)

I don't expect too many worshipers of Grandpa Perve read this blog on a regular basis, but I wonder how the True Believers are feeling this week after being proven oh so wrong? As we true Packers fans – who appreciate loyalty and rivalries – knew all along, Creepy Ted was right to put team before an aging quarter-back who wanted to run the entire franchise with a part-time effort. And Creepy Ted was right to demand a full-time commitment from Grandpa Perve. A live arm and a southern accent are nice, but you can't just show up on Sunday and expect to win in this league, folks. That much was proven, without a thread of doubt, in the disgusting dome across the big river, November 21.

When the full moon rose over deer camp after the wonderful shellacking of the hated Vikings, it's glow illuminated that fact quite perfectly. The Packers simultaneously ended the Viking's season by embarrassing them on their home field, got their coach fired, and decisively proved that Chilly's recipe of special treatment and appeasement were fool's gold in the truest sense. It was clear Chilly had lost that locker room, and it's no wonder when the rules only apply to some, when the coach begs a washed up quarter-back to un-retire again and then chauffeurs him from the airport to the stadium, lets him call whatever plays he wants and make all the roster decisions. It's pretty clear that Grandpa Perve and his bloated ego were running the whole show from top to bottom, once he was given the kind of power he thought he deserved in Green Bay.

And while I knew all of this before Sunday's game, it was spectacular watching everything fall into place so perfectly in Minnesota, the way it should. And to watch Ronnie Rodgers take over the game the way he did, that was icing on the cake, dear readers. You can't say enough about how professionally #12 has handled this situation, and you can't help but feel glad for him, sticking it to the old cry-baby who was only really playing to stick it to Creepy Ted, any-ways. I saw the picture above on Tuesday morning and I had a good laugh, no doubt. It so perfectly illustrates the bitter-ness of defeat versus the joy of winning, both of a single game and of an entire organizational philosophy. The thing is, Grandpa Perve won't ever admit it. He's probably still thinking of ways to get back at mean ol' Ted Thompson, still refusing to even acknowledge the skill of Rodgers. Clearly the symbolism of this win means a lot to this old columnist, but...Maybe I'm being too much of a cave-man...

I read this article the other day about a study that says people who have been shown pictures of savory meat are far less aggressive or mean-spirited.

Ah, that's nice. So the old timer wants to keep playin' even though it hurts. Badly. So what. Quit boasting an let 'em, right? Don't be a sore winner, FG. Alright.

Second take: I appreciate what #4 did for the Packers over the years, but I'm salty as all hell that he wouldn't make the necessary commitment to the Packers, year-round, and that he ran off to the rival Vikings like so many other former Packers - treachery! And that said, I'm so damned happy we whupped the hell outta them purple pansies - twice! - and that we're on the way up while they're on the way down. BOOM.

What else?
- One thing I've noticed that doesn't get a lot of chatter is the return to discipline in recent weeks. It's a lot like how you don't notice an offensive line-man so much unless he's committing holding penalties, or how deer hunting can get mighty boring if you go a long stretch without seeing anything but your shivering feet. But think back through the last three games - penalties are no longer an issue. Maybe the refs are just letting them play a bit more, but you've gotta think most of that is on the players and coaches, and I really appreciate that.

- On a side note, some-what related, I'm sick of un-necessary challenges. Not particularly in Packers games or any-thing. Just in general. Quit slowing the game down! Bad enough with all these built-in commercial breaks and then you gotta listen to two idiots (especially that Thursday-night crew I saw at Cousin Walter's!) yabber on about elbows and wigglin' balls and so forth. Shut-up and start the play-clock. Good grief!

- Lemme say, this team is for real, and if we can win down in Hotlanta that'll be a good sign. Would give us the upper-hand in the NFC, and give us all a little pay-back for them Falcons tarnishing our Lambeau playoff record a while back. Maybe make them come back an' try an' do it again this winter. They got a good squad, but Matt Ryan's not nearly as scary as that dog murderer. Yikes.

- Getting Greg Jennings on my fantasy team in the third round this year - in a Packer-fan-heavy league - has been sweet gravy. I get dizzy cheering for #85, and that new jersey I got has been good luck so far.

- A defense with Clay Matthews, Charles Woodsen and Tramon Williams is really some-thing special, folks. Three bona-fide play-makers and I'll tell you what, that makes up for some injuries. I don't want to get ahead of my-self, but I'm not nearly as nervous on defense any-more.

- Packers - Vikings game deer camp menu: A barrel of chicken wings and an industrial deep fryer working round-the-clock. Add sauce, add cold PBR. Presto! Through in a few batches of cheese curds and maybe a round or two of Cajun catfish nuggets for good measure. Whoa, baby.
- Through Monday, no-body got a deer, but so what? I'm on mid-week break, re-charging.

Enjoy the games on Thursday, and I hope you all have a splendid Thanks-giving! You better get your-self a nice pair of Packers sweat pants and a nice pair of house-slippers. I'll have my Atlanta preview column up on Friday, probably. Until next time, then,

UPDATE (11.24): I read today what Rodgers had to say about the widely-circulated lead picture, and apparently Grampa Perve had cracked a joke about Packers Offensive Line Coach James Campen, just before the picture was snapped. Figures. Campen played center for #4's first career start back in '92. Any-ways, in hind-sight my line about Favre showing bitter-ness was probably un-warranted.