Man down, next man up

The defense has been hit by a cloud of devastating injuries, with Nick Barnett, Morgan Burnett and and Justin Harrell all lost for the season, on top of Al Harris and Atari Bigby missing at least the first six weeks. Brandon Chillar is basically shot for now, too, nickel corner Sam Shields is on the shelf and Nick Collins is hobbled. Throw in a few other dingers and we are looking pretty weary on the defense after just four weeks. The injury cloud shellacs without mercy, and those left standing must carry that burden forward.

Of course the offense lost Ryan Grant for the year right out of the gates, and both our starting tackles are gimpy, so both sides are roughed up. All of that carries over to the special teams, but that's still no excuse for the pathetic job that unit has done lousin' up the field position. 

But this is October and the injuries are piling up for just about every team. It's part of the struggle and the teams with proper depth will endure. Man down, next man up.

Heading to the Nation's Capitol this Sunday to play the Redskins, and I think we'll probably have to put up 35 points to get the road victory. Next man up, sure, but we're going to give up big some points, realistically, with AJ Hawk and Charlie Peprah getting significant minutes. They've got a veteran quarter-back these days, and he'll attack our weak-nesses, that's assured.

Through four weeks we've showed flashes of wonder-ment on the offense, but Rodgers and Company keep hitting rough patches where the production runs into a fili-buster of mistakes, and we really can't have that on Sunday. We've got to win the time of possession battle, and we've got to put up points on just about every drive. The Packers have done a good job in the red zone this season, efficient as cat eating a can of tuna, but they've too often stalled before getting there. And it goes without saying that we can't lose the turnover battle or we'll be stuck like common-sense legislation in the Fat Cat Senate.

Although these wounds have me concerned about our defense, I am excited to finally see Desmond Bishop get his shot. Let's see if he can take that pre-season aggression and apply it to the real world. If nothing else, this wild-cat should solidify our run defense, which will be tested on Sunday. I bet he dials up at least two 'Boom' hits, and one fumble-inducing 'Kapow!'.

OK, folks, it's waaay too nice out there for October so I'm gonna get out in the row-boat with a PBR-picnic. You've been warned, Blue-girls! Ha-cha-cha! Before I go, go ahead and mark it, folks: Packers 38 - Redskins 30. Until next time, then,