Bulaga and the Quinns

Celebrated the first Packers game of the 2010 pre-season by setting up the television set out on the back patio, firing up my new 'bug machine' and cracking a few ice-cold PBRs. As I've noted several times, I don't really care much about the pre-season. So long as nobody gets injured (Ryan Grant gave me a scare right off the bat) and we don't go to over-time, I'm a happy camper.

So yeah, there are plenty of places where you can read all about the meta-details of the loss to the lowly Browns of Cleveland, but you won't find that here. During the actual season I keep detailed notes during the game, but in pre-season I simply keep a loose collection of 'highlights' in the brain, and here is what stood out for me, aside from the obvious:

• Much as I like the idea of having first-round pic Bryan Bulaga train primarily as a back-up at tackle, he has the talent to help right away at guard, and he needs to be on the field when we open the season in Philadelphia. I wanna see more of this big boy. Start your best five, Mike, and shuffle as needed down the road.

• Quinn Porter may not make the team, and he won't make the team as a kick returner, but I really enjoyed his energy during the second half out of the back-field. He's got burst and shifty-ness, and he also has a great celebration that I'm sure you all noticed: After a few of his better runs, Porter leapt to his feet and then appeared to shovel multiple spoon-fuls of invisible food into his mouth. What was in this invisible bowl is certainly open to interpretation - probably a warm bowl of oatmeal, or maybe cereal - but I'd like to think he was wolfin' down a massive pile of Mac-n-Cheese. Whatever's for din-din, I like the style and I'll be cheering for this kid throughout the pre-season.

• Quinn Johnson actually made a bone-crushing tackle on special teams, and he probably has a better chance to make the team than the aforementioned Quinn, but what really impressed me was some of the lead blocks this bang-tail leveled on the opposition on Saturday night. There were a few in particular where I let out an involuntary 'whoop!' at the point of impact, and/or lurched in my chair as if I'd just taken on that lead block. It takes a special kind of power to transfer through the television set like that.  I'm guessing we won't keep three full-backs this season, and we'll probably trade Kuhn or Hall in order to keep this big battering-ram. Simply put, he is going to open some holes and probably break a few opposing line-backers to bits this season, given the chance.

• I've always wanted to start a blue-grass band called 'Pancake and the Syrups'... I like to sing and dance, but it would help if I could play an instrument. Bulaga and the Quinns is an equally-fun band name, and equally unlikely to ever see the cover of an album.

• Finally, the special teams continue to look like a pile of cat turds. Sure, our punters look a lot better than last year, but the return game was pathetic on Saturday.

Until next time, then,