Keeping up with the times

Hey folks, how ya been? Sure is beautiful out there today, and all the more-so now that me and Mooney got a new grill on the deck! There aren't many dining options better than searing a fine slab of meat over hot coals, and my new toy will ensure plenty of those over these summer-time months.

I'm not a paid spokesman for Weber Grills, but I should be, because I'll be telling everyone I know about this contraption! It's called the 'Performer' and it features a nifty turbo propane charcoal ignition system... Basically, you get all the wonders and fine flavors of a charcoal grill without the hassle of waiting for the charcoals to heat up. It's fan-tastic!

You've got to keep up with the times, dear readers, even if you're 180 years old like me. You've got to keep an open mind, and you've got to be willing to try new things and think in new ways. While I started this column in the old-fashioned print newspapers, I have, with much help from my grand-son Ike, now transitioned to the world-wide-web as my primary out-let. Digital media is the future, folks, (even an old-timer like me can see it) and much like this website allows me to reach more people with the same core product, my new hybrid grill allows me greater flexibility without sacrifice.

I read a story on the Journal Sentinel's website this week that goes along these lines. The article outlined the significant differences in the team-building approaches of Creepy Ted and Ron Wolf, and included several stubborn comments from former players under the Wolf-regime, concerning Creepy Ted's approach and his (relative) lack of ultimate success (so far).

Of course Creepy Ted does things his own way, and of course he doesn't utilize free agency as much as Ron Wolf did, specifically in the years leading up to those two Super Bowl appearances in '97 and '98. But is that a bad thing? Some former players think it is. I am not persuaded, just as I am not foolish enough to believe print news will prosper over the long-term-haul. History is a useful tool, but there's a reason you don't hear me talking about the 'olden times' on this blog even though I've got barrels of stories in the old brain. The past is the past. What happened, happened. I am interested primarily, however, in the modern times, no matter how strange they may appear.

Sure, Wolf had a good run but that way of doing things is no longer valid, even just 15 years later. Comparisons sure are easy, but they're rarely worth much when time gets in the middle, dear readers. The US is different, the NFL is different, and the Packers are different. I'm different! I'm certainly more hand-some! And that's great. You may not appreciate Creepy Ted's methods, but look at the most successful franchises of the modern times, and you see he operates closer to those philosophies than Mr. Wolf's, and I think that is a good thing.

Enjoy the great weather this weekend, and keep those minds open.
Until next time, then,