Spring and storms and seeds

I sat on the screen porch and watched my first good thunder-storm of the spring the other day. I imagined the thunder and the bright white flashes were saying to the bulbs I had planted in yard just hours earlier, "Wake up, Buddy! Are you thirsty? Are you ready?"

The storm hypnotized me. It allowed my mind to wander. How would the gladiolas look next to that cherry tree? What will the Packers do with their first-round pick? What would my father think about a gizmo that doubled as a telephone and a Doppler radar? Does the banjo sound as nice to people in Peru as it does to me? Finally the rain slowed and I went up to bed.

Spring is here and so is baseball, a sport I do love. And much as I love the Brewers and look forward to seeing a few games live this year, the national past-time doesn't grip me the way football does. So the sound of Bob Uecker's voice on the radio-box reminds me that thunder-storms are on the way, and warm weather, but also that we are months and months from kickoff.

Of course the NFL draft is right around that corner, a tiny seed on the schedule that helps bridge the gap between now and September. But what am I gonna do, dear readers? Herald the great-ness of Dexter McCluster? Sing the glories of Sergio Kindle's pass rushing potential? If you know who they are, that's all you can really know. This is a time of year only an NFL expert can love, and even they're wrong half the time. No, dear readers, I won't besiege thee with phony predictions or claims of solutions that the draft may deliver. I'm old enough to know I don't know player evaluation like Creepy Ted. I will wait, like a true gentle-man, until the picks are made to jump to conclusions!

So in closing, I am not dead yet. I just don't write so often this time of year. I'm busy planting flowers and tomatoes, and staring into the dark clouds of cold Wisconsin spring nights. But that said, I missed the old blog like the human brain misses lightening after a long winter. So, Hello!, dear readers. And here is a limerick as a 'thank you' for stopping by on your busy day:

Spring and storms and seeds,
Like Bob Uecker, heeds 
That spring is here,
now pass me a beer,
and get ready to pull some weeds.

Until next time, then,