Yelling at the Television Set - Arizona

- After seeing a few teams just giving up in games lately, it was nice to see the Pack stick with their starters until the game was out of reach.
- A result like that can make us think next week will be easy-peasy, but don't be fooled.
- I guess the penalties will never be cleaned up, but this week wasn't too bad.
- Ronnie Rodgers is gonna be good for a long, long time.
- So is J. Finley!
- We may have a high-octane offense, but the defense will need to keep up the top-end work if we're gonna do anything in January.
- Excellent sign: "Water covers 3/4 of the earth, Charles Woodsen covers the rest."
- Love to hear 'Go Pack Go' at away games!
- I feel sorry for all these folks spending January in Arizona... They're missing all this fantastic bitter cold, poor souls!
- So I guess I over-reacted after that Tampa game, eh? This team is pretty damned good.
- Happy New Years, dear readers!