Yelling at the Television Set (Seattle)

- Going back to the playoffs!!! Feels good to be back!

- Jordy is too sloooooow on kick-off returns!!!
- Hawk should have returned that INT.
- TD pack, 7-0. B. Jackson screen pass. Another late hit on Rodgers. Good start.
- TD pack, 14-0, Ryan Grant run. Nice dive! How did that ref not make the call right away??? I swear, folks, every week I see a call that just makes me shake my head. Lordy.
- J. Bush with another blown coverage...
- Big INT by Bigby, with a tip by Jolly. Good stuff.
- There is a flag on every play, it seems...
- And here's a big run from Grant! TD, 21-3 Pack.
- And the Giants are losing big!
- That's a baloney pass interference call on Havner. For crying out loud.
- FG for the Pack, 24-3. Looking good.


- CM3 with a big hit, and J Bush with an INT. OK. I'll take that!
- It's like Finley glued his own letters on, and used really tiny ones to make him look like a monster!
- Nice 3rd down conversion by B Jackson. He's playing well this half of the season. Looking forward to seeing him progress next season.
- And Hey Look At That! A splendid cutback touch-down for Jackson. What a kid!
- Another pick for Bigby! Kicking some butt out there today. Way to go, fellows!
- Jermichael is a BIG BOY!
- Another touchdown for Jackson! Playoffs here we come!!!!
- Rodgers getting a rest... Take a load off and get ready for the playoffs!