Yelling at the Television Set (Lions II)

After a nervous start, we ended up with a pretty relaxed victory over the Lions to finish an important three-game stretch against NFC opponents. Things are going pretty well at deer camp and Old Uncle Ambrose shot a spike yesterday afternoon finally, so spirits are especially high as we all await the deep-fried turkey.

Thanks again to Ike for getting this column up in a timely fashion. I'll have a more formal re-cap in the coming days, but here are the things I was yelling at the television during the Thanksgiving game:

- Yordy!!! You cannot make that mistake! It's the only way this game is gonna be close!
- Mason, What is wrong with you this year?!?! Get with it!!!
- Collins with a great interception! Alright, enough of this none-sense!
- Well look at all this time... and a bomb of a throw to Double D!
- Fantastic effort on that touch-down, from Mister Lee!
- Feeling better now, folks! Time for a plate or two of 'warm-up' food!!!
- What a dirt-bag hit on Friendly! He should be ejected for cryin' out loud! Baloney!!!
- Yet another special teams penalty! Gimme a break, Slocum!
- Hello Raji! Stuffed that run like a big turkey!
- And what a whirl-gig sack by CM3! Boomsy!!!
- What a thrilling half-time show... Now get off the field!
- Joe Buck thinks Donald Driver is having a 'nice' game? He must also think mashed potatoes and gravy are 'just OK'.
- Detroit should try using a few of those creepy blue avatar critters!
- Hey, Nifty shovel pass!
- Chuck with the Heisman pose! 4 INTs for the rook! Game Over!!!

Until next time, then,