Fancy Technology!

Ladies and Gentlemen, I have entered another realm of the fancy technologies! I am a pod-casting veteran on this fine Autumn Day, and it feels wonderful! Like the first time I used a push-button phone or a combustion engine!

Corey and Aaron at Cheesehead TV, along with Brian at Railbird Central were great hosts. The Jermichael Finley interview went well, I thought, and I really enjoyed the Greg Bedard interview as well, especially when he said that penalties really don't matter, IF you execute well in all other areas of the game. Certainly, that is a BIG if. As I wrote earlier, McCarthy needs to clean them up or he's gonna be out of a job. Seems to this old columnist that you need to clean up the penalties in order to set the tone as a team the 'executes well.'

The conversation also got me thinking more about how we need to attack well with the run in order to avoid attack by the pass rush. Nobody respects our rushing attack, and that might be the biggest problem of all. Funny, ain't it, how shooting the jaw with a panel of 'experts' can get the mind a-tracking down a different path...

Well, the podcast and the chat is posted below, thanks to Website Manager Ike, who helped me immensely with getting involved in this-here project. He told me, Gramps, It's just like using a type-writer that is connected telepathically to other type-writers. Smart kid, that Ike. In truth, he has been teaching me more and more about the wiring of MPU, and I tell you, it feels good to keep up with the younger generation with this fancy technology, to whatever degree my feeble mind can comprehend.

I'd like to shoot a thank-you out to all the other guest panelists on the chat as well, who were very kind and interesting to converse with.

Just an editor's note, we were having some issues with the video podcast on this site, so we took it down. Since the chat really won't make as much sense if you aren't watching/listening to the podcast at the same time, I would just recommend going to the main source on Sportsbubbler.com.
-FG + Ike