Let's get right to it, folks. There will be three kinds of people watching the game on Sunday: Packers Fans, Vikings Fans and Fans of Old What's His Name.

Any-body who puts themselves in the Packers Fan category ought to boo the disgusting purple paint of #4's helmet on Sunday. There's no way around it, dear readers. I assume if you are reading this, you know my stance on Team Before Individual, and you probably agree with that.

Old What's His Name may end up on the Ring of Honor, and I will probably cheer when he goes into the Hall of Fame, but my duty as a Packers fan will be to boo him as a traitor when he runs onto the field, Sunday. Any respectable Packers fan will boo him from that point until the end of the game. I won't even be at the game, but I will be booing at the television set. I'll be booing so loud they'll be able to hear me at the post office way the heck on the other side of town.

You may ask, What's the Point, FG? Why boo?

And I would answer, Because Rivalry's Matter. I will boo, and encourage booing, because I detest the Vikings with the intensity of 1 billion volcanoes filled with nuclear magma.

No matter who you blame for Old What's His Name's departure from the Packers, no matter if you care or not that he left, no matter if you believe he is seeking revenge or not, it was his choice to sign with the hated Vikings. It was his choice to put on that pathetic purple uniform. It was his choice to play for our rival across the river. And it is because of him, and only him, and those choices he made in the last year, that I will boo until I grow a just and glorious moustache. This is my duty as a Packers fan.


Now on to the game. I wrote about my keys to victory in a previous column (below). We've got to boo him, but the defense has to hit him. They've gotta smash him into the beautiful grass of Lambeau until he hurts. We cannot let him sit back there and pick us apart again. If we can apply some pressure, and keep Peterson in check once again, I think we've got a very good chance to hold service and pull even in the North. There is so much on the line on Sunday, folks, so very much. And I know I'm gonna be nervous as a cat the moment I wake. But right now I am calm and I can see the path, and I think we'll stay on it. Mark it: Vikings 20, Packers 30.

Until next time, then,