Game one = Success

Well, folks, that was a pretty fine start to the season. The Browns may be worse than awful, but the first test of the new season showed things are heading in the right direction for the Green and Gold.
You've got to start with the offense, notably Ronnie Rodgers, who led the first-teamers to a pair of touchdowns to start the game. We had a boat-load of penalties again, and that needs to stop. I don't care if McCarthy has to break out a taser in practice to get those linemen under control. Control your-selves, Bigmen! Jermichael Finley looks really good this year. And that new full-back we picked up is a real bangtail! Holy Smokes.

I really appreciated seeing the crowd stay right until the end. Only in Green Bay, folks. You see some of the other 'highlights' around the league - like Jay Cutler taking a big ol' bit out of a suck-sandwich - and you just don't see the wild support during preseason. We're hungry for our awesome up here.

Last thing on offense - Brian Brohm needs to get his act together or we need to just cut him loose. If he can't move the ball against third stringers two years in, well folks, he ain't ever gonna. Too much thinking going on upstairs in that brain.

On the defense, I like the pressure. What we saw doesn't begin to represent the true complexity of our pressure packages, and we were able to bring the heat from nearly every position. Just the tip of the ice-berg, I hope. LB Desmond Bishop is a wild animal, folks! He probably eats live sheep for dinner. How can they keep him buried on the depth chart when he just keeps making plays. That kid is really some-thing, folks.

• Liked that McCarthy called for the taking of a knee at the 2 to close out the game. Classy. We've gotta play this team again in the regular season, and they won't be this horrible.
• Nick Barnett's glasses and Aaron Rodger's facial hair win the FG 'Fashion Awards' for the game.
• BJ Raji is going to make more money in a few years than my whole family will make in a life-time. Hopefully he's worth it. Can't wait to see him in a game. I hear he has quick feet, but I doubt he can Polka dance as well as my and Mooney.

Until next time, then.