Confusion, Domination

Is this new defensive scheme really going to change a darn thing? Eh?
You can take a different route to the cabin, but if you're behind the wheel of an old pick-it-up truck with rear-wheel drive when the roads are slick then your whole trip is shakey. I just think the quality of our players is more important than the scheme. Overall I think Ol' Dom will bring a good change to Green Bay, though, so I am excited to see how things pan out.

Every coach has their own particular systems, but Capers' scheme has connections to Dick LeBeau over in Pittsburgh. Apply the pressure and stop the run and play zone against the pass. Above all it will feature more aggression, which is, I think, the most important change. Another is avoiding predictability.

Capers explained it this way: "You have to be able to change up and it's got to be a combination of pressure, coverage and disguise and not letting people know exactly what you're doing, because I don't care who you are, how good you are, if they know exactly what you're doing, you're going to have problems stopping them."

As I mentioned up top there, I think we are going to need some new talent on the defense, even if all our injured guys get back in top form. Hopefully they just draft all defensive players. I sure will be looking forward to looking into the draft further.

Well, check back later in the week for my Super Bowl preview. This could be a good one. Going to be hard to top last year, but heck. Alright, now, until then.