A long, cold winter

What in the heck, what in the heck? What in the heck is wrong with that team? What in the heck is wrong with me, for that matter? I sat on a bucket on a frozen lake for over ten hours on Saturday just to get my mind off the Packers and then they go and lose to the Texans? At home? Good Lord, we didn’t even have a shanty. Do the math, there isn’t 10 hours of daylight these days, so that means I was sitting in that wind in the dark. We’re talking four inches of ice with a few inches of slush on top. What a mess. And I think I can brag about that a little, cause at my age that’s just plain tough to pull. Plus we actually caught a couple monsters for a change.

Brrr, that was cheeeeeeeelllllly, folks. Watching the Packers made me even colder.

Each and every unit needs to improve. We might not be mathematically eliminated from the playoffs but we are just not good enough this year. That’s wild how quickly a team can go from good to bad. I really think Ronnie Rodgers has done an admirable job in his first year as the starter, and I think he’s got a bright future, but it’s sure hard to think we’d have won a few of these close ones if we still had that other guy. Even with a few more wins we still wouldn’t be any good, though. The defense has just fallen off a cliff. Then again, the offense couldn’t convert a third down at home almost all day.

I watched the Pittsburgh – Dallas game and then the Baltimore – Washington game on Sunday and those teams have some defenses. Particularly Pittsburgh and Baltimore. Wowzie. I want a defense like that and maybe Bob Sanders isn’t the guy to give us that. I’m willing to give him three more games to change my mind, though. He’s been dealt a tough hand with those injuries, but that’s part of the game. Deal with it.

The Packers haven’t caught a fish much less a false flag in the last few weeks. But they’d sure better stay out there ‘til after dark. They better not give up. As the Dalai Lama says, “When you lose, don’t lose the lesson.” McCarthy better shape them fellows up and get things pointed in the right direction in the next three weeks or it’s going to be a long, cold winter here in Wisconsin.

I finally went to pick up my tip-ups in the dark and sure enough one of the flags was frozen to the ice and I had a 32-incher. That beast had been eating well, let me tell you folks. Now that kind of fish is a fine reward for a long day on the trappin’ line. I’m not going to miss a snap of the next three games and here’s what I would like as a reward for being a good fan: How about a game without so many penalties? I’m not asking for much. You can get on McCarthy for his play-calling or on Sanders for the defense leaking like an old boat, or the players for lacking focus, but playing clean foot-ball is so important. Clean foot-ball is winning football. Funda-mentals. Mental tough-ness. Intensity. Account-ability. We musn’t quit. We must finish.

Check back later for some bonus coverage. The cookies are done.