New Advertising Tool

Today is an exciting one for the staff at Meat Packers Union. Going forward, we will be offering a new advertising option through Project Wonderful (see ad on right-hand side of homepage). While the staff work on a volunteer basis and the the columns are free to any-one who is interested in becoming a more informed Packers fan, revenue earned through this nifty advertising tool will help us improve and increase the site content in the future.

Project Wonderful is an easy-to-use and transparent advertising service that sells ads using an "Infinite Auction" system. This means that anyone can bid on our available home-page ad space by clicking on the "advertise here" link. The current price for our ad space is $0. If you place a bid to advertise on our site, your ad will appear until someone else places a higher bid. The term and price of the bid are entirely up to the advertiser, and as our traffic is still relatively minor compared to some larger internet sites, this option is currently a very affordable one. Of course, the market will always drive the price of this ad.

We will continue to consider long-term advertising outside of the Project Wonderful space, for those who would prefer a monthly or yearly set-rate program.

For more information on Project Wonderful or long-term advertising options, please contact us at fgunion@gmail.com

F. Gordon Union
Editor in Chief