Just keep smilin'

That was a tough loss against the Titanics. I've been all cranky around the house and so forth, and now it's night-time out-side already for crying out loud. Welcome to the dark months, dear readers.
I was all set for a great Sunday. Mooney made some brownies for me and the fellows, and I baked up a fine batch of pork ribs with an onion and tomato garlic sauce. I had gotten a heap of yard-work done on Saturday and was all ready for a Packers victory and a case of the Sunday 'Geesh I'm Fulls'... Of course things don't always go as planned.
I need to be more like Donald Driver. That guy is always smiling no matter the situation. Maybe if I was quicker and more slippery I would smile more often, but who knows. After the Packers lost I was slamming doors and being a grouch. Donnie had his best day of the season, so at least I can smile about that. Ol' number 80 tied Sterling Sharpe's team record for consecutive games with at least one catch this week, which is quite an accomplishment. Talk about consistency! He's a regular regular guy. Regular like cheese and crackers.
So the Packers followed my recipe for success pretty closely - no surprise there - but they did not shut down the Titanic running attack. Lord have mercy that Chris Johnson is quick! Like trying to catch a cat in a candy store! I tell you what else. When you're in a close game like that you sure can't afford to turn the ball over twice. No sir. And you know we had our chances to even that differential out. Kerry Collins was hitting our defensive players in the hands as often as his own receivers, but we couldn't hang out to 'em. And that's a real shame.
Heck, though, that's a good team and you've got to be pretty pleased about the effort on the road, even if we ended up on the wrong side of the river by a few points. Shucks, I say. Tough cookies. Ha-rumph.
Allow me to comment on a few recent managerial moves, dear readers.
First off, I was real happy to hear they locked in Ronnie Rodgers until 2034. We've got him for good, I suppose. Then again, you can't really ever assume a guy will finish his career with one team. Not these days. He seems the real deal and I'm sure glad we've invested in a new long-term QB. Ronnie Rodgers will probably be the best quarter-back in the NFC North for years and years.
On the other side of the ball, Thompson finally let go of KGB. That guy was sure talented, but he wasn't multi-million-dollar a year talented. As one of Mike Sherman's worst contract mistakes, it was really only a matter of time before he got the ax. So long, KGB. We will remember you fondly. Business is business, as they say.
Well up next we get the Vikings II matchup and I can't wait. Of course I'll have many more thoughts on this matchup later in the week, but suffice it to say that I think we'll win. Sometimes a loss like this can lead to some good, and I think this will be the case. You know, folks, the poor Vikings just aren't that talented. And here's something else: I don't think the Bears will get to over-time against the Titans next week even in Chicago. And that will tell you something about our chances in the North. Especially now that Wrecks Grossman is back at the helm. Al-righty, dear readers. This day-light savings foolish-ness has got my coo-coo clock all out of whack and I need to hit the hay. Here's to a solid second half of the season! Huzzah!