Fantasy G. Unions - Week 4

Come on now, Braylon. Shake off that rust, buddy!

I've got a real big week coming up here, dear readers. After starting the season with a broken QB and a loss, The Fantasy G. Unions have fought back to 2-1. While we've won two straight matchups, they have been close and my Wide Receivers have been atrocious. Just aweful.

Braylon Edwards, my second-round pick, has been the biggest disappointment so far. I really need him to have a big week against the Bengals here. I am facing off against the first-place team, who's name includes the phrase "Majik Man"...

My receivers have been bad ever since Burleson went down in week one. San Francisco's Bryant was bad last week. I dropped him like a rotten egg. Galloway is still hurting and playing the Packers, so I am not playing him no matter what. That's my only rule. Gonzolaz is on Bye this week, so I am left looking for another strange fill-in at WR3. I settled on another very dark dark-horse this week. Buffalo WR Josh Reed. He is the quietly the leading receiver on that good 3-0 Bills team (ahead of Lee Evans, even), and they are playing the Rams indoors. Enough said. At least I can't be disappointed with him, unlike Braylon.

The rest of the roster breaks down as such:
QB - Warner, Kurt
RB1 - Reggie Bush
RB2 - Maurice Jones Drew (glad I didn't trade him after-all)
WR2 - Santonio Holmes
TE - Cooley, Chris
Kicker - Matt Prater, on the explosive Broncos
Defense - Philadelphia. I want to double up on Kyle Orton two weeks in a row, and they have a good schedule the next few weeks... And they are very very talented.

Off to the River, folks. Good luck to all!