Fantasy G. Unions - Week 3

Old John Carney can still kick, especially against the Bengals

Well the team got its first win of the season last week, behind a strong effort by Kurt Warner. I was also pleased with the Tampa Bay Defense and my age-less Kicker, John Carney. I will be sticking with all three heading into week three against a tough and un-defeated opponent whom I dis-like very much, in a friendly way. Looks like Warner should be in for another big day, and I think Tampa has the defense to finally expose a weak Bears offense. I expect Orton to throw at least two interceptions.
Braylon Edwards was terrible again, but to be fair, he was playing in the windy after-math of Hurricane Ike. But also in fair-ness, Santonio Holmes played in those same conditions and had a pretty good night. I just don’t trust Browns’ QB Anderson right now, but I can’t really bench my second-round pick. Hopefully the weather improves and Braylon can find the end-zone.
At running back, Brandon Jacobs had a decent day, as did Willie Parker, but neither found the end-zone. I am sticking with Jacobs against a crappy Cincinnati defense, but I am benching Parker this week against Philadelphia. Starting in his place is rookie speedster Chris Johnson. Tennessee hosts Houston and I think he’ll score big. Kind of a hunch pick, but I am a big believer in bold moves, dear readers. This is especially bold, considering I have Reggie Bush and Maurice Jones Drew on the bench as well… I will continue to try and trade one of those two guys in order to find another decent wide receiver. After losing Burleson and with Galloway out with an ankle injury, I am just not happy with my WR3 position.
I did make some moves last week to address this problem, short term. I dropped Derrick Mason in order to grab Colts WR Anthony Gonzalez. I also got Bryant Johnson in San Francisco. I am going to start one of these guys. Johnson is a reach, but he is in a contract year, and Mike Martz will probably try to run up the score against his former employer, the Lions. Oh, and the Lions… They’re not very good at defense. I guess I’ll have to make a decision on this match-up on Sunday morning, but I am leaning towards Bryant. I think that Indy – Jacksonville game is going to be a low-scoring one.
Lastly, I was so amazed at Kitna’s predictable lousy-ness, that I dumped him to pick up Jason Campbell as my back-up QB. Washington looked much better in week two, and I’ve been a fan of this kid for a while now. His week seven match-up (Warner’s bye) is against the lowly Browns defense, and thus, is quite favorable.
You’ve got to think, not just for this week, but for the weeks ahead, you know?
Good luck to all. Until next week, then.