Cell-ing out to the enemy

Well, well, well...
So Mooney and I are heading to a Family ReUnion this weekend just north of Green Bay. I wonder what Cousin Walter and the rest of the Union Hooligans will be talking about? I wonder. I’m guessing – between lunch and the archery competition – that the conversation might turn towards ol’ Brett.
I just hope I don’t lose my cool. Us Unions, me especially, fully appreciate what Favre has done for the Green and Gold, but we don’t take kindly to treachery.
Although Brett’s agent has flatly denied such accusations, the organization maintains Favre has been sneakily chattin’ with the hated Vikings on a company telephone. Look, I don’t even own one of these fancy cellular telephones. My phone has a chord and a rotary dialer, and I only use that a few times a month. I like writing. So I may not be savvy with the electronic gizmos, but I’m sharp enough to know you don’t use the company phone for private conversations. Especially sneaky ones. Gee-whiz.
Vikings coach Brad Childress pretty much confirmed the shenanigans by failing to deny the activity when given the chance. This might be a lose-lose situation for the Packers, but at least I can take pleasure knowing the Vikings are probably going to lose a draft pick or two over this whole foolish mess. I just don’t get why Brett and the Vikings thought they would ever work out. And I also don’t get why all these idiots on the television set keep mentioning the Vikings as a possible destination. Or the Bears. What part of “zero-percent chance” don’t these people understand? Grrrr.
It does seem likely Brett will seek reinstatement and that the Packers will seek draft picks for the aging hero’s services. Tampa Bay might take a chance on him, but I like the Jets better. We don’t play them this season and they’re in the AFC. The further they send him the better. And the sooner this whole mess gets cleaned up the better. The distraction isn’t good for the team heading into training camp.
I guess that no matter what happens between now and September 8, I will eventually forgive Favre and let myself remember all the good he has done for our team. But right now I view him as a traitor. Probably most you readers and my extended family don’t think so harshly about Number Four, but that’s where I’m at right now.
Perhaps I’ll unleash some of this anger with the long-bow on Saturday. Maybe by Monday we’ll have a resolution, so Favre can torture some other fans for a season or two. I’ve had enough.