An Alternate Reality

Like many of you fine folks, I have been reading everything I can find regarding the Brett Favre Dramatics, and today I enjoyed an Outstanding Column by Jason Wilde that explores how Brett should've handled his recent soft-ball interview on Fox News. I encourage all of my readers to check out the full column (click the link above).

According to Wilde, Favre (and the Packers) would be in a much better position if Favre had said something along these lines:

"I want to come back because I know we can win it all this year. We were 13-3 last year, made it to the NFC Championship Game with the youngest team in the league, and we'd have been in the Super Bowl if not for my overtime interception against the Giants. We've got a great team, and I want to be a part of it.

"I love playing in Green Bay, I love that franchise, I love the fans, and I don't want to go anywhere else. If the Packers only want me back as a backup, then that's what I'll do. I'll be the backup, I'll be third-string, heck, I'll play tight end if they want me to.

"Sure, I want to play — every backup does — but what we have in Green Bay is special. We've got a great team, and I want to be a part of it, no matter what my role. I'll support Aaron Rodgers, give him any advice I can, and I'll prepare so I'm ready if needed."

Unfortunately, Brett never mentioned the team once during his interview, which is mostly why I have expressed such frust-rations in my previous two columns.

As Mr. Wilde points out, there are some fans who will support Favre to no end, no matter what he says, and there are some fans who have turned sour to his constant wishy-washy-ness. But most Packer Backers - myself included - are upset about how this has been handled and just wish for an agreeable solution. If that means Favre returns to camp and ends up playing, well then so be it. I just don't like the idea of messin' up the future of this great organization so that Brett can return to glory. And I really don't like him vilifying the management which has built this great team and helped Favre return to his MVP form.

I really hope you folks don't take my previous columns the wrong way. I want what you want - The Best Possible Packers Team. My beef is with the way things have been handled. While Ted and Mike could have done some things differently, I think Brett's actions and words have done the most damage, and I think most fans who consider the facts will agree.

While we can't ignore what has happened, I hope the next few weeks before training camp see a return to civility on all parts and a resolution that aims for the mountain-tops. We have the tools in place to win it all this season. We just need to get everyone pointing in the same direction.

Until next time, then.