So long, Rob Davis

Long-Snapping Whiz Rob Davis went and retired a ways back there and now he’s going to serve as Director of Player Development for the Packers. We lost Leapin’ William Henderson last year and now Brett and Rob have called it quits. They were the last players from that Great Super Bowl Championship Team of 1997 and now competition and time have caught them all. I watched the VHS Tape of that victory several times during this awe-ful winter and it seems so long ago already. Seems longer ago now that Rob Davis has said ‘So Long’.
Well it rained water like crazy here the other day and it reminded me that sometimes it’s not winter, here. I had them derned wipers whirring at top speed but I couldn’t see no further than next pot-hole, dear readers. The earth was being washed clean. Good-bye, you dirt-snowed glaciers. So long, connections to the past.
Davis played 167 games for the Packers, right up there with Forrest Gregg and Favre. Strange how one guy can get so much attention and another can stay hidden in them shadows. You ask any ol fellow in Tennessee or Cuba who Rob Davis is and you’re not likely to hear any one thing about Long Snappin’ or Player Development. But even Raul Castro probably has a Brett Favre poster hanging up in the Cuban White House.
"I'm very grateful for the opportunity to have played 11 years for the best organization in professional sports and I look forward to making an impact on the players I will work with," said Davis upon his trans-ference from player to admini-strator.
Wouldn’t it be neat to see Rob Davis long-hike a football off a cliff? I don’t know why I thought about that, but it’s thundering here now, loud and fantastic. First thunder of the year. Even neater if the football was struck by lightening on the way. Long-snapping-canyon-thunder.
Seems like they’ll be some good competition going on to fill the new long-snapper vacancy. Maybe one of them kids will be the next Rob Davis. I think we could use all the Rob Davises we could get. Kids that keep quiet and do their jobs and win. Wish I would’ve paid more attention to Rob Davis before he left. That guy was a real class act. Still is. I’m glad we’re keeping him around.
Now if we could only convince Favre to run for Wisconsin Supreme Court.
Until next time, then.